Joomla and other CMS tools – A comparison

When you compare the available CMS tools, you might not be able to easily identify which one is better. Joomla is however one of the most prominent names in the world of content management systems. What is the reason for this? Well, the reasons are many and when you use each of the tools available, you will understand it for yourself. However, it is not practical to try one after another to finally select one of them. Hence, it is better to compare the key features offered by each of them and then start with the process of setting up your website.

Learning curve
Whichever CMS tool you use, you will get acquainted with the various features only after working on it for a while. The better one will make the process of learning curve easy for you. This is exactly what makes Joomla better than the other popular ones. It is loaded with a lot of powerful features and is definitely not an entry level CMS tool that has only the basic functions. It has everything all what you need from a content management system to design a rich website but is designed in a very easy-to-use manner.  Hence, you will be able to gain good control over the tool within a short period of using it. The time taken to reach similar expertise will be much longer when you use other tools. Joomla hosting is hence one of the most sought after methods of putting up your site on the web and you can understand more by checking out Tolkadin - Reviews of the Joomla hosting website.

There are many open source content management systems that are available for free. The prominent ones will also have a community that is very active in providing updates from time to time. However, not all of them come up with exemplary features in quick intervals like this software. This tool gets a facelift very often because of the huge demand for it among the users. The beginner level tools offer convenience of use to the people new to the site building but it lacks powerful features. Joomla on the other hand offers advanced facilities without making it complex. E-commerce, social networking plug-ins and all the other features that you need to make your websites excellent are available with this software. Structure flexibility by this one is way better than that offered by the competitors.

Caching plug-ins
Now, for the advanced users and the ones who need their pages to load very quickly, Joomla offers effective solutions. When you use Joomla, your pages will download a lot faster. It uses advanced page caching facilities and these can be customized as per your needs. Hence, you can control the pages that need to be cached and the others can be avoided.

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This software also has a System Cache Plug-in which makes your job even more. This will help to make your sites easy for the viewers too. The other CMS tools that are available in the same category do not offer these features only at:


Web Hosting deals from VPS plans

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My Approach to Success

Success is a tough word to be defined. Different people have different definitions of achievement in their life. For some people this term can be judged by the bank balance, some people think being knowledgeable is the right way of being successful in life. I also have my own definition regarding this. For me, it is not just one thing or one quality that can make you successful; rather I believe that there are different factors that are responsible for making a person successful. My approach to victory is simple; be honest, live happily and give your best at whatever tasks you are given to perform.

The Rule:
I think if I will follow this simple rule in my life, I will become successful. Before you define success in your own way, try to ask yourself what you exactly mean by being successful. I always prefer to be focus on my work, no matter how big or small it is. When I was a student, unlike the sincere students I did not read and write all day long. I have my own routines of study and follow that routine. The same conception I apply in my office as well. I have a regular routine of works and try to follow that routine in a regular manner. I start with fixing my daily goal that is followed by weekly and monthly targets in their respective manner. This makes my job easier and I can easily reach my target without getting much worried about this. Another philosophy that I follow while targeting success in my life is being “myself”. I believe that this is not for fake people.

Those, who show fake attitudes and pretend to be over smart, can never be successful in their life. It may choose them, bit for a short time and in order to get it for a long time, you need to be original. I do not hesitate to ask questions that I do not know. I believe that asking questions once will give you the chance of getting rid of ignorance for the rest of your life. So it is better to ask and gather information that you do not have. It will not be useful for only one time, but the information will be helpful for lifetime. It ultimately helps you to be confident in whatever work you are given. Never feel that it is not the right time for you to learn something. You can learn new things and new ideas anytime you want. My biggest loom to accomplishment is being honest to myself and to my work. I believe that if I remain honest with my work, I will get paid for it. So for me, success means:

  • being honest
  • well-informed
  • well behaved
  • and stay focus in life.

Olympics 2012

Just like every other sports fanatic, I also anxiously awaited the biggest sports event of the world “The Olympics” which every sportsperson always looks forward to. The deepest desire of every sportsperson is to be the face of their country and to be its representatives. This event, which comes after four long awaited years, provides them with the best opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Hence, everyone tries their level best to win a medal for their nation. This special event took place this year at London, Great Britain. It started with a mind blowing opening ceremony from 27th of July and ended on 12th of August with lots of sighs and beautiful memories.

Countless new world records were made and many were broken. However, I would only like to mention two of them:Jamaica‘s record in 4X100 meter relay. US teams got world record in 4X100 meter relay. One of the most prominent players was Usain Bolt , a runner from Jamaica who participated in three events and won all of them just like last time when he played four and won  all. He set the second fastest time in 100 m sprint of 9.63 seconds and added another gold medal to his collection by winning a 200 m sprint in just 19.32 seconds. Not only this, he also  led his team to an unforgettable victory  in the 4X100 meter relay race along with  making  a world record of 36.84 seconds.A US team made another such record in just 40.82 seconds in a 4X100 meter relay.

Overall USA once again kept its tradition of winning the most medals i.e. 104 .Moreover, by winning 46 gold medals, the country also regained it’s honor of winning more gold medals than any other country unlike last time in Beijing Everyone of us is always fascinated . China stood second with 88 medals amongst which 38 were golds. Great Britain stood third with a total of 65 medals and 29 golds.

My Favorite Serial

When the topic of my favorite serial arises, the only picture that arises on my eyes is Mr. Bean. The best comedy TV serial I have seen ever. It will definitely make you laugh in most off mood. This serial can be enjoyed with your entire family together. This sequential comedy drama is getting famous day by day form the time of beginning. This is a highest level of entertainment.This sequential drama fist came in to the market in 2004. The creators of the character Mr. Bean was Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson. It is a physical and visual type comedy drama. All the episodes are based on different funny phenomenon in the United Kingdom. This show is produced by Sue Vertue in his production house Thames Television and the distributer is Pearson Television International. The main channel broadcasting it is ITV. Now this serial is shown all over the world in several channels like CBC, Cartoon Network, ABS-CBN and TV1 etc.The main star of the series Rowan Atkinson acted as Mr. Bean is just awesome through over the episodes. Except form that Matilda Ziegler is also excellent in the roll of the main character’s girlfriend Irma Gobb.  Robin Driscoll gives the impression in several chapters as many characters. There many supporting characters played by Danny La Rue, Nick Hancock, David Schneider, Richard Wilson etc. There are other two characters; one is his favorite teddy and his famous green car. All tough Teddy is a soft toy but he pretends it to be alive.  This toy bear is shady chocolate in color, with button made eyes and limbs shaped like sausage. Teddy is his best friend. The car is a British Leyland Mini 1000 with a light green color. It had been smashed under a tank in an episode and a door lock is used to lock this car, it is really a funny one. There are 14 periods of this comedy drama.Rowan Atkinson has a MSC in electrical Engineering from the queen’s College in oxford. He started his career in BBC radi3 and the humor series was named   The Atkinson People. This periodic comedy sequence has been awarded in BAFTA award, Golden Rose award. Akinson was nominated for “best light entertainment performance” in 1994 and 1191.


Every morning we wake up to find a new day ahead of us. We always want to make it fruitful so that it makes us happy at the end of the day. My mother woke me up today at 7:00 am and I had to get up unwillingly. Why does the time fly away so fast when we are sleeping? I only wished if I cud get a few hours of extra sleep. But my daily chores were calling out loud for me. The first thing that I always do after waking up is checking my cell phone for any messages or phone calls that I may have received or the ones that a reply back. I found some of the forwarded messages that weren’t important. Suddenly when I went to get down from the bed my phone rang and my friend Shreya reminded me that we had our classes at 9:00 am. Now I really was hurrying because I got late.I brushed my teeth, had my bath, put on a mauve salwar kameez and then had a couple of sandwiches for breakfast. By the time I left home for college it was already 8:40 am. When I reached, I parked my scooty in the stand and a glance at the watch told me that I  already went 10 minutes late for my chemistry classes. Panic shot through me because it was Mr. Dutta who was due to take our classes that day and he, undoubtedly the most terrifying, austere and strict teacher. But when I peeped through the classroom door, I relieved to find someone else in place of Mr. Dutta. I asked for his permission to enter the classroom and then took my usual place at last bench. Three of my closest friends were already seated in the same bench. The boring classes had already begun and they progressed, it went too difficult to concentrate the teacher’s words. We were busy in our own little world gossiping and playing games. After the unending three hours our classes were over (Chemistry followed by Mathematics and then English) and I was too happy. It was Upasna’s birthday and every birthday party is incomplete without a treat. So we had a great lunch. Anything you eat seems great when someone else is paying for it.After that I returned home at around 2:00 pm. After freshening up, I sat with my laptop. It is always fun while surfing on the net and chatting with old friends. I checked for any mails and when I found none, I went for a small afternoon nap. My dad came and woke me up around 5:00 pm. We were going out for shopping. After all I had the chance to grab some dresses. And then after a long evening we ate our dinner and then came home. I filled my wardrobe with two new pairs of jeans and tops. I was dead tired and I fell on the bed. I reflected on what all I did today and when I started to think about “how did my day go”, I found myself already lost in dreams.